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A message from the dean

Dear Arts and Sciences family:

The unprecedented events of the past few weeks have placed us in positions we did not seek and presented challenges we did not predict. The onset of the coronavirus and COVID-19 has disrupted society and transformed almost all aspects of the daily operations of FSU and other universities.

Facing a spring semester with no students or faculty on campus runs counter to all of our instincts, but our faculty and staff are working exceptionally hard to make the transition to an online setting for the remainder of the spring semester and for most of the summer.

All of our students, too, have been asked to make a transition that they did not seek. It is difficult enough to adapt to taking online courses when they commence with the start of a semester but, by forcing a mid-semester change, the COVID-19 crisis has made this even more challenging. I want all students to know that faculty and staff at FSU are sensitive to these challenges and are united in providing the best educational experience they can under these unusual circumstances.

As you return to your studies in full force this week, please remember to take advantage of the myriad resources being made available, whether they be at the departmental, college or university level. As we finish out this extraordinary spring semester, I hope you will remain curious, innovative, inspirational and determined. Best wishes for continued success.

Sam Huckaba

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

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