FSU researcher: Ocean acidification means major changes for California mussels

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Accelerating ocean acidification could be transforming the fundamental structure of California mussel shells, according to a new report from a Florida State University-led team of scientists.

Resolving to have a happier, healthier 2018? Reshape your body attitudes

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Every year, many of us pledge to work harder at being healthy, losing weight or eating more veggies. A Nielsen survey showed about one-third of Americans resolved to shed a few pounds and reshape their bodies.

FSU researcher: Pearl Harbor anniversary a day for reflection, remembrance

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As the nation prepares to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Florida State University Associate Professor of History and Director of the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience Kurt Piehler is urging meaningful reflection on the tragic event that hastened the United States’ entry into the Second World War.

Esteemed FSU physics professor elected fellow of American Physical Society

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A Florida State University professor has been elected a fellow of the American Physical Society, the nation’s most prestigious organization of physicists.

FSU researchers: Deer antlers played large role in Cherokee society

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In a new paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, Associate Professor of Anthropology Tanya Peres and colleague Heidi Altman from Georgia Southern University dive into the deep archaeological record of deer antlers in Cherokee life.

Researchers first to unlock key molecular mystery of premature aging syndromes

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New research from Florida State University is beginning to piece together the stubborn puzzle posed by a family of rare and debilitating premature aging disorders.